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Still Waters Yoga Class Descriptions


Our yoga classes are so much more than yoga poses. Each class contains:

     -A “crack your heart open” nugget of yoga wisdom that will inspire you to take your yoga off the       mat and into the world.

     -Biomechanically sound principals of alignment that create more joy, strength and ease in your         poses.

     -Teachers who are not trying to impress you with what they can do, they’re off the mat and               supporting so you feel good in your body.

No two classes are alike.  Even though our teachers share the same training, they each bring their own passions to class.  So be sure to try them ALL!!!  Below is a guide to support you in choosing the class/es that are the best fit for your needs.


Level 1

Gentle poses, in many classes done with a chair for support.  These classes are ideal for true beginner to yoga, and students with injuries, joint replacements, or physical limitations such as arthritis. Introduction to breathwork, meditation and yoga philosophy.


Level 1-2

Refreshing blend of poses with longer holds and detailed instruction on alignment principals.  Includes modified Sun Salutations.  Explore how the breath renew your practice and meditation can calm the mind.  Props and modifications available.  Appropriate for beginners and all students who are interesting in refining their practice. Includes heart-opening philosophy nugget that inspires you to take your practice off the mat and out into the world.  



Level 2

Explore and refine poses at a deeper level. Includes Sun Salutations and a playful approach to more advanced poses, including standing poses, balance poses, backbends, twists and forward bends. Deepen your practice of meditation, pranayama, mudra, mantra, inversions and yoga philosophy. Gentle Yoga is recommended prior to taking these classes.  

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