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Still Waters Yoga FAQ


Just getting started? 

Here are some helpful tips for classes.  


1. Health History Form Required. 

We require a completed Health History Form before you take a class.  You can click here to complete online.  NOTE: Medical issues that have a star beside them must have a RELEASE FORM for yoga signed by their physician before you can take class.   Its important to us to work with your physician to create optimal health and well being for you.    Release forms can be faxed to 419-877-9038.

2. Please park and enter from the back parking lot.


3. Remove Your Shoes.

Our classes are done in bare feet.  Not only does removing shoes keep the studio more hygienic, it also signifies leaving your worldly cares behind. There is a mudroom at the back entrance for you to leave shoes, coats, umbrellas, and any other belongings not needed for class.

4. Listen to Your Body. 

We honor the body as the container for our spirit.  You should not feel pain while practicing, especially in your joints.  If you experience discomfort or have a question, our teachers want to help you…ask them for support.

5. We Start Class on Time. 

Plan to arrive to class at least 10 minutes early so you have plenty of time to set up.  Arriving on time is a sign of respect for your teacher, your fellow students, and yourself.  We understand on occasion arriving late cannot be helped.  If that happens please enter the class quietly. 


6. Leave Before Savasana.

Occasionally you may need to leave prior to the end of class.  Clear your space quietly and please leave before closing savasana (relaxation) or meditation. 


7. Respect Yoga Props. 

Please carefully fold blankets, roll straps, and return all props before leaving the studio.  If you borrowed a studio mat, please spray and wipe down after use.  


8. Restroom Breaks. 

There are two private restrooms off the hallway.  If you need to use the restroom during class, please signal the teacher so she knows you are okay.  


9. Bring Water in Enclosed Bottle. 

There are no water fountains at the studio so bring whatever beverage you need in a container with a lid.  


10. Turn Off Your Cell Phone.

Please make a habit of doing this as you get to the yoga studio.  

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