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200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

You're in the right place if you're a woman who:

  • Loves yoga and marvels at how your life has transformed since yoga became a part of it. 
  • Believes that EVERYONE could benefit from yoga.
  • Longs to live and teach aligned with the ancient lineage of embodied spirituality honoring the feminine that becomes a living, breathing path created through you, as YOU!
  • Feels a deep, undeniable calling to teach yoga and knows its possible to make a living sharing something you truly love. 

For your convenience sessions in both programs are held one weekend per month February through November.  Each weekend is an immersion into a custom designed segment of the program.  A typical weekend schedule is Friday 6-9pm.  Saturday and Sunday 8:30-5:30pm. 

The first four months, Advanced Yoga Studies, is designed for you to deepen your own personal practice of yoga.  You will receive focused support and hands on assists so you have a more embodies experience of asana.

The last six months, The Art Of Teaching Yoga, is practical application of the many skills needed to become an extraordinary yoga teacher. 
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